EXC!TE Spin + Pilates + Life

EXC!TE Spin + Pilates + Life

EXC!TE Spin + Pilates + Life 

EXC!TE Spin + Pilates + Life opened late summer 2017 as a lifestyle space, focused on Spinning and Pilates, with additional retail elements. Exc!te is located at 319 North Lamar, Suite 102, across from the Graduate Hotel.

“PureRyde has been providing high quality Cycling and Pilates classes since 2014. We had a great run with that franchise,” said Blake Tartt, III, Houston based concept developer. “It’s time to take that experience to a whole new level by creating an innovative new fitness culture tailored to the people of Oxford and healthy living. Our team will empower clients through a fresh approach to exercise, wellness and lifestyle. PureRyde was an excellent concept but this is going to be exceptional,” said Tartt during Exc!te's opening in 2017.

Award-winning interior designer, Courtnay Elias of Creative Tonic Houston designed the space  “exud[ing] energy and enthusiasm aimed at a boutique fitness culture.”

“We’re putting the exclamation point in EXC!TE,” said Elias, “with a blend of spaces rich in color, texture, and sensory expressions. Think, ‘Southern Prep Meets Excite-ing Palm Beach Vintage.’”

Exc!te's Pilates classes offer exercises that are targeted to develop and strengthen the deep, intrinsic muscles of the abdominals and spine, all working to make your core stronger and your posture healthier. The instructor-led Group Reformer classes incorporate resistance-based exercises that guarantee a full-body workout for all fitness levels.

Private Pilates Sessions are available by appointment.

The high-intensity Spin classes focus on a full-body sculpt using our full range of motion RealRyder bikes. The bikes mimic outdoor cycling movement, which allows for the upper body and core to work just as hard as the legs throughout the class. 

Spin classes are focused to challenge and strengthen clients' bodies no matter if it is their 1st class or their 100th class. 

For more information or to book classes, contact Charlie Scott at manager@exciteoxford.com or visit the studio’s new website at www.exciteoxford.com.

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