Ole Miss’ Bo Wallace and Rebels Boat Race Longhorns 44-23

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Ole Miss' Bo Wallace and Rebels Boat Race Longhorns 44-23

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The visiting Ole Miss Rebels defeated the Texas Longhorns 44-23. This game perfectly encapsulates the inconsistent play of the 2013 Texas Longhorns.

First Half...Beauty Queens

Game manager? No one, I mean no one, would have put good money on that one. But Case McCoy shucked his herp de derp moniker and showed real moxie against Ole Miss that first half. He protected the ball and only took what the young Ole Miss defense gave him.

With two senior Longhorn offensive linemen injured early, Josh Cochran and Mason Walters, there was some real nervousness here with yours truly. However, the running game was sparked by some well timed run plays and gritty work by Gray and Bergeron.

But the real story of the first half was new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson's Texas defense. The old saying "it's not where you start but where you finish" held true tonight. The Longhorns gave up two quick touchdowns in the first six minutes of the game. It certainly looked like Bo Wallace's Rebs were going to boat race the Horns.

I'm not exactly sure what happened on the sideline during that methodical, eight plus minute drive Case and Major manufactured down 14-0 but the defense went out on the Joe Jamail field and held Ole Miss to a 3 and out. The offense caught some fire and were off to the races scoring 23 unanswered points.

But old miss doubt showed some leg and gave Ole Miss some momentum heading into halftime when a targeting penalty by Adrian Phillips led to a 52 yard Andrew Ritter field goal as time expired to pull within 6 points and take all the well earned and deserved momentum away from the Horns heading into intermission.

Second half...Dogs

Football is a 60-minute game and the second half proved too much for the Longhorns as the Ole Miss offense made the necessary halftime adjustments and poured it on. The defense surrendered another two touchdowns to start the third period and the S-E-C refs missed a clear block in the back call leading to a 74 yard Jeff Scott punt return for TD. But the missed call is an excuse as the real culprit was continued lack of tackling (7 misses) that more than contributed to the electric play which put the Reb's up 37-23 and they didn't look back.

The Longhorns could do no right. Couldn't stop the pass. Couldn't stop the run. Couldn't make a first down. You name it. They couldn't do it.

A review of the 3rd quarter shows the defense couldn't get off the field and the offense couldn't stay on the field.

The 4th quarter was a wing and a prayer. A great punt and recovery by the special teams backed Ole Miss up on their goal line with a subsequent 3 and out stop by the defense. The resulting Longhorn offensive drive included a 4th down conversion (yea!) followed by a bonehead backfield fumble with a miscue between McCoy and Brown (boo!). Ole Miss then closed out the Horns with a quick strike, four rushing play, 61 yard drive before (reportedly) the second largest crowd in DKR history.

This ladies and gentlemen is your 2013 bi-polar Longhorn football team. And this is your commiseration thread. Have at it.

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