They’re Bitin’ at Ezell’s Fish Camp

Oxford is more than a town, much more.  It's a way of life, a place built with words that holds the heart, mind and spirit of those who call it home whether for four years or a lifetime.  Oxford is at the crossroads of Southern culture, class and cuisine.  The storied buildings around the picture perfect town square seem to hold the key to Southern culture, equally embracing learning and leisure.  In many ways Oxford is a dichotomy, simultaneously offering stimulation and serenity, creativity and calm.  Oxford is a state of mind, a gateway to some and a lifelong home to others.  It's a place where all four seasons take a firm hold, accentuated by football games, festivals and friendships.  

Oxford is full of stories that resonate with a tenor that can only be found in a town that reverberates Southern charisma and charm.  Enjoy the slices of life that follow as they are but snapshots of the town and university we so deeply love and admire.



They’re Bitin’ at Ezell’s Fish Camp

Alabama-based restaurant opens first Miss. location

- Melanie Addington, Oxford Eagle

A popular southern seafood chain from Alabama is opening its first restaurant in Mississippi in Oxford today.

Ezell’s Fish Camp, which began in 1937 and grew in popularity through the 1970s with numerous chains, is poised to expand its brand all over the Magnolia state.

Agnew Hall, owner of Ezell’s, joined forces with his Oxford partners, Doug Jumper and Paul Gunnoe, as well as a Birmingham food business, CM Food Service LLC, and Charles Matsos, John Hopkins and Cannon Prickett to bring the new fish restaurant here that features catfish and other fin favorites.

The owners have transformed the former restaurant, The Shak, on Thacker Road into an eating establishment where customers can enjoy a menu offering a wide range of fish dishes as well as other entrees for “land lovers.”

“I love Oxford,” Hall said. “I was enrolled here and I loved the charm of the town and the people here.”

Entrees range from $6 lunches to $10 or $22 an entree for more expensive seafood items such as crab, butterfly shrimp and flounder. Appetizers include Southern staples such as gumbo and fried green tomatoes or dill pickles to crawfish tails and cheese grits. Po’boys, pork chops and chicken wings are also popular, along with Ezell’s salads and desserts.

Another customer-pleasing tradition at Ezell’s is the unlimited hushpuppies and cole slaw that come with all dinner plates.

The restaurant will be open six days a week, but the operators are still determining whether to be closed on Sunday or Monday. They’re obtaining a full liquor license and plan to have live music performances in their outside area and do on- and off-site catering.

Pennington Pribbenaux with Birmingham-based CM Food Service said they plan to continue to look at Oxford as a city ripe for more restaurants. He is one of the partners with the high-end Mexican restaurant, La Paz, which recently opened just off the Square. He’s researching bringing in additional restaurants, such as a Golden Rule Barbecue, which is the 16th oldest restaurant in America, and a Michael’s, a fine steak and seafood restaurant.

While Oxford marks the first Ezell’s in Mississippi since the 1970s when several were located mid-state, it won’t be the last. The restaurant plans to open more than 10 other locations around the state, including one in New Albany.

For more information, visit or add them on Facebook at Ezellsfishcamp.