Full Motion Running and Cycling



Full Motion Running and Cycling Open For Business

Oxford’s runners and bikers community has grown after years of hard work to make Oxford’s roads bike friendly. Now runners and cyclists can find the perfect sportswear or take a bike in for a tune-up at the new Full Motion Running and Cycling store on South Lamar.

Matt Hall, owner of Full Motion Running and Cycling, said his main focus is involvement with the community.

“We sell products, we sell running and cycling needs, triathlon needs, but the main thing that we want to do is create a community within a community,” Hall said. “We do lots of group runs and fundraising efforts. We are out in the community with any kind of charitable-type activities.”

Hall said with a full service bike shop, the staff of Full Motion Running and Cycling Athletics will be able to do repairs, regular tune-ups and bike builds for customers.

Although Full Motion Running and Cycling is new to Oxford, Hall said the store in Olive Branch has had tremendous success after being open just over a year.

“We had a lot of customers telling us ‘we love your store, we love what you do, we wish you were in Oxford,’” Hall said. “With Oxford being one of the top biking communities in the country, we knew that there was an opportunity to come in and grow.”IMG_2130

At Full Motion Running and Cycling, Hall said he believes “every pace has a place,” and he believes it is vitally important for customers to wear the “right shoe.”

“We do a gait analysis so we can get them in the right shoe that’s for their foot,” Hall said. “That’s kind of something that’s lost now in a lot of shoe stores. They’ll just get you in the cuter shoe. We really make sure that we get you in the right type of shoe so that you don’t get injured, get discouraged or get frustrated.”

Full Motion Running & Cycling is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is located at 400 South Lamar.