Ryde With Us: HottyToddy.com Girls Try PureRyde



The hottest workout craze in Oxford is Pure Ryde Cycling and Pilates. HottyToddy.com girls Jac Bedrossian, Alex Kitchens and Meggie Carter clipped in for a session at PureRyde!


First stop: shoes! PureRyde requires every member to wear their signature cleat while cycling. The Giro cycling shoes clip into the bike and help you stay in control during your workout. (*side note*: if you don’t clip in, you’ll probably fall off!)

Now time to get our sweat on!

Our instructor, Allison Thomas, taught us a few of PureRyde’s signature moves. Each spin class lasts 50 minutes and starts with two warmup songs that got our feet moving and our heart rates up.

Warmups are followed by six or seven “total body songs” lead by the instructor using different techniques that incorporate all major muscle groups. After the body section, the instructor leads an arm section of the workout using 2 or 4lb hand weights.

Then we got to call the shots with “Your Ryde.” The instructor turned off the lights for an entire song and we choose which moves to practice. Then the lights came back up and we had one final total body push before we stretched and were out the door.

“PureRyde has the greatest atmosphere,” said Kierston Cook, PureRyde Pilates instructor. “Whether you’re in a class or out in the lobby, you’re excited to be there.”

Bonus: PureRyde is the one of the few places in Oxford that sells Lululemon and Splits59!

Watch the video below to find out what to wear to class!

Watch Here

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